Zen Buddhist & Yoga Retreat
+61 7 5435 2389

4 Day Retreat Program

Commencing the first Friday of most months,
and most Qld long weekends OR anytime for groups of 4 - 8 people.

The Zen Buddhist and Yoga Retreat program allows you the time to reflect and contemplate amidst one acre of gardens where the grounds change as the sun passes over.  You may wish to find yourself a quiet corner to practice deeper meditation, read, snooze or go for a walk.  The retreat provides full days of activities. 

An Example of the 3 night Retreat Timetable:
7.00am                     Hot / Cold Beverage
7.30am                     Zen Meditation & Meditation Talk with Q&A
8.30am                     Breakfast
10.00am                   Yoga
10.45am                   Morning Tea
11.00am                   Dharma with Fushin
                                    Saturday - History & Background to Buddhism & Zen
                                    Sunday - The 5 Hindrances
                                    Monday - Bodhidharma's 2 Entries & 4 Practices
Noon                         Lunch
2.00pm                     Dharma with Fushin
                                    Saturday - Intro to Mindfulness & The Trilogy of Hearing
                                    Sunday - Dependant Rising
                                    Monday - Letting Go
3.00pm                     Afternoon Tea
3.30pm                     Veda Discussion with Rose
                                     Saturday - The Mindfulness Gap & Anta Mouna
                                     Sunday - Anta Mouna, Stage 1 and 2
                                     Monday - Guest choice
4.00pm                      Yoga Class
                                     Saturday - Hatha followed by a led meditation
                                     Sunday - Hatha followed by Yoga Nidra
                                     Monday - Vinyasa followed by a led meditation
5.30pm                      Hot or Cold Beverage on the Deck
6.00pm                      Dinner
7.30pm                      Zen Armchair Chat and Q&A with Fushin
                                     Saturday - The Purpose of Life
                                     Sunday - The Law of Causation & Karma
Disclaimer:  This may not be 100% accurate, as the instructors will work the program around the participants' levels and previous studies, requests and requirements.
3 Night Retreat 2019 Rate

Shared Room:        $359 / person

Private Room/shared bathroom:   $469 / person

Private Room with ensuite:    $509 / person

2 people sharing one room:   $718

​2 people sharing ensuite room:   $769

The Zen Buddhist Program Outline

The goal of the Zen portion of the retreat program is to give the participant the information that, with regular practice will bring them to a state of peace of mind and happiness.  The information will be transmitted slowly, bit by bit, building it up each day so that you will have the knowledge.

There will be time during the retreat for you to contemplate that knowledge so that you have an understanding of it and together we will practice Mindful Zen Meditation techniques to bring the mind to a state of stillness, silence and clarity. When we place the knowledge and the understanding in the stillness and silence of a clear mind,the outcome is wisdom on the subject we are contemplating.

From Wisdom comes peace of mind.
From peace of mind comes contentment with life.
From contentent with life comes happiness.

Topics Covered in the Zen Armchair Chat (Sat - Wed)

1.  The History of Buddhism and Zen
2.  The Purpose of Life - Part 1:  Happiness
3.  The 5 Hindrances
4.  The Purpose of Life- Part 2: Being of Benefit to Others
     (a)  The Practice of Compassion
     (b)  The Practice of Generosity & Loving Kindness
5.  The Purpose of Life - Part 3:  Do No Harm
     (a)  The 5 Precepts
6.  Dependant Rising
7.  Impermanence

​​ Topics Covered in the Zen Meditation (Zazen)

1.  Zendo Etiquette
2.  Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation (Zazen)
3.  Introduction to Mindfulness in Life
4.  Introduction to Zen Walking Meditation (Kinhin)

Topics Covered in Zen Knowledge 

1.  History of Zen
2.  Satipatthana Sutta
     -  a discourse on the Four Establishments of Mindfulness
3.  Mindfulness Practice
4.  Bodhidharma's 2 entries and 4 practices
5.  The Heart Sutta
     - The Insight that brings us to the other shore
6.  The 7 factors of Enlightenment

Topics Covered in Zen Knowledge (Advanced)

1.  Emptiness
2.  Letting Go
3.  The Samsara - cyclic existence
4.  An Introduction to the practice of Advanced Meditation Technicquies;
     a) Hau Tou's
     b) Koans

Topics Covered in Zen Knowledge Silent Retreat 

1.  Karma
2.  The Practice of The Trilogy of Hearing
3.  The Attainment of Peace of Mind

Other Programs for individuals and small groups:
1.  Becoming a Buddhist
2.  Path to Ordination

Our Resident Priest Fushin will determine what topics will be covered during your program
based on the participants previous studies and may not necessarily be in the order shown above.

Free Downloads

An Introduction

Please feel free to download Father Fushin's book written many years ago prior to ordination when he was running the "Whitsunday Meditation Society".
The photo to the right is a photo of Fushin in those year's.
                  by the
Venerable Ajahn Sumedho.

This is the first teaching of the Buddha and the first step to understanding the Buddhist way of life.
Fushin believes this is the most clearly written version of "The Four Noble Truths" for the reader from a Western Society.

Press button to download Father Fushin's book.

Press button to download Venerable Ajahn Sumedho book version of "The Four Noble Truths."

by Shunryu Suzuki

This book is an encouragement for a person to realise their own nature or Zen Mind.  Zen Mind is an enigmatic phrase used by Zen teacher's to make you notice yourself.
Fushin believes it to be very well written and easy to read and understand.

Press button to download Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind.

The Retreat Focus
Retreat Highlights
This retreat is designed to promote clarity and well-being in body,mind and spirit and help you achieve a feeling of peace of mind with a focus on finding a state of stillness and silence within. The  Zen Buddhist and Yoga Retreat program is based on ancient Yogic Veda practices and Zen Buddhist teachings.
*  Daily Meditation Sessions
*  Morning & Afternoon Yoga
*  Daily Zen Armchair Chats
*  Accommodation
*  Vegetarian Meals
*  Birdwatching
*  Relaxation
*  Surrounding Hinterland
*  Seclusion